Whilst out on a business trip in Hong Kong, Nejat Ismail Pakyuz, Director of Inpak Global Ltd, stumbled upon a cleaning product tucked away on the shelves on a major music store in the middle of a city, packed with thousands of similar stores as far as the eye could see. When he asked the store manager where he had purchased it, he was told that it was given as a sample for which he had not yet had time to inspect it.


As a huge collector of vinyl, Nejat saw a great product that he believed every vinyl owner should have and immediately began an adventure to get this product out to as many people as he possibly could. Nejat became close with the manufacturers of the product, helping them improve on the formula until he thought it was good enough to bring to the mass market.


As the exclusive agent for Cyber Clean Phono & Vinyl care in the UK, he hopes that you enjoy the product just as much as he does.

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